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The Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kits are available to purchase through our UK Etsy Shop. Click on the kit that you are interested in and it will automatically take you to our Etsy Shop where you will be able to make a safe and secure online purchase.



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The Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit will make the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday or Valentines Day!


The Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kits contain all the ingredients (excluding fresh produce) required for the recipient to make 3 bottles of extremely flavoursome chilli hot sauce in as little as an hour!


Each Kit includes:


3 x Bottles

3 x Bottle Lids

3 x Shrink Caps

3 x Bottle Labels

1 x Bag of Dried Chillies

1 x Spice Mix

1 x Bottle of Cider Vinegar

1 x Jar of Honey

1 x Plastic Funnel

1 x Step by Step Instructions



The Spice Mix contains MUSTARD Powder


Cider Vinegar contains SULPHITES



Our Kits are available in 4 different heat levels:-



3/6 - Scotch Bonnet

4/6 - Naga Bhut Jolokia

5/6 - Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

6/6 - Carolina Reaper - NEW




I had the pleasure of trying out one of the new Chilli Sauce DIY Kits. The packaging was top quality. The kit had everything I required to make 3 bottles of Naga hot sauce (apart from a few fresh ingredients). The instructions included were broken down into simple steps which made it very easy to follow. The whole process took just over an hour and I was left with 3 professional looking bottles of sauce, complete with labels and wax seals. The flavour was based upon the Nagalicious sauce and was pretty damn close . This type of kit would be perfect for anyone interested in sauce making. I look forward to trying out a different flavour. Thanks 5*


Darren Smith

I was given the Scotch Bonnet Chilli Hot Sauce kit. This was a brilliant self contained box with everything you need to recreate the sauces, with the exception of a couple of inexpensive fresh ingredients. A very straight forward recipe card with step by step instructions led me by the hand through the process. From start to finish was not much over an hour and the end result was three bottles of one of my favourite sauces which are as tasty as they ever were when purchased direct from Alan. I really can't stress highly enough how happy I was with the kit, the process and the end result. Looking forward to buying other flavour kits in the very near future.


Barry Paton


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