Turkish Oregano - 50g

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There is nothing like oregano in a dish as it compliments most meats to provide a sweet flavour and aroma

Unlike Mexican Oregano the Turkish version is not as strong in its citrus aroma, preferring to be sweet and mellow which for some dishes is ideal

The Oregano is also cut and blended to a finer powder texture than the rough cut Mexican version

After all, the point of cooking authentic meals is to try the different flavours of food that the area produces

Freshness of Stock with quick turnaround and quality suppliers ensure a great product every time

We do not stock up and store any of our food for long to ensure all herbs, chilli and spices are supplied to you with the maximum flavour possible

We only source from importers or import ourselves from people who grow and aim for quality again to provide you the best flavour possible

Grown in Turkey