Pure Asafoetida - 10g

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Pure Asafoetida has several names, skunk stinky, rotten eggs, what on earth is that... All for good reason - it really does stink

Food should be joyous, make your senses sing with delight and in some cases to have fun with and then still get the flavour, pure asafoetida is just this

Asafoetida comes from the roots of herb called Ferula, unlike other roots spices the dried latex is removed (gum oleoresin), its not the easiest job in the world and I guarantee the people who do this never have to stand in line for anything, when they get to the line it goes quickly!

Most other Asafoetida producers cut this with fenugreek if its good, lentil flour if its bad and as with all things when two spices are cut its usually heavier on the cheaper spice

So why use this? When cooked with the aroma goes and the flavour similar to leeks/green veg comes through

Directions of USE :

Use sparingly and shave a little off into your cooking sauce, the tool used cannot be used for anything else and store the package in a place where the aroma will not bother you - seal well!


Due to the wonderful Asafoetida aroma the resin will be supplied doubled packaging



Pure Asafoetida will stain your skin

This is a herb that is a must for anyone into Indian/Asian cooking, its fun, its wonderfully weird but care must be taken when using

The Asafoetida herb evolved around the North Asian Area

Grown and Produced in India