Our Chilli Farm

The Chilli Experience run a Chilli Farm in Central Portugal and grow a large variety of chillies from the mild to the wild! 

Our farm is set in 3 acres of agricultural land that grows as a wild meadow throughout the spring and summer and attracts a wide variety of insect life which helps with pollinating our plants and also controlling outbreaks of aphids. 

We grow our plants as naturally as possible using water collected in our well and without using pesticides or insecticides.

In April, May and June we have a selection of chilli plants available for sale and in fruiting season we are able to offer fresh chillies that are picked on the same day.

Our 2018 grow list includes the following varieties:

Extremely Hot Very Hot Hot Mild
Carolina Reaper Fatalii White Orozco Jalapeno
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (Red) Habanero Chocolate Aji Crystal Numex Suave Orange
7 Pot Gigantic Congo SR Habanero Mustard Aji Amarillo Bell of Lebanon
Dorset Naga Scotch Bonnet Naga Jolokia PC1 Serrano Tampiqueno
Naga Bhut Jolokia Rocoto Aji Lemon Drop Fish Pepper
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (Yellow) Fatalii Red Ring of Fire  
    Aji Cito  
    Chiltepin Amarillo  
    Jata Jolokia  

 Start of the growing season!


The plants are adapting well to the Portuguese sunshine!


Chilli pods are starting to ripen up!


Cropping time!