Onion Granules - 100g

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Onion lovely Onion! Did you know it is the most widely consumed vegetable in the world, must have conquered every cuisine, it is also one of the most versatile vegetables to grow anywhere in the world, you grow onions is almost any climate on earth

Fresh onion is great for adding flavour and texture to any sauce or meal but when the flavour of onion is needed but not the water content then onion granules are for you

Why use onion granules and not powder or flakes? Granules are perfect in seasonings/rubs to produce a granulated texture - a natural anti caking agent so there is no need to use such horrible chemicals in your food, just natures own recipe that is good for you

Onion Granules like all our spices are only sourced from growers who love their food as much as we do, allow the onions to mature fully to ensure maximum flavour and aroma

We operate a just in time shipment so we are always offering the freshest dried spices available on the planet

Grown in Egypt