Mexican Oregano - 20g

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Mexican Oregano is a wonderful herb cultivated in Mexico

Mexican farmers for so many generations created a plate full of spices herbs and chilli that marry together so well

Big shocker though, Mexican Oregano is not Oregano, it is related a few evolved generations before, as with so many spices over the years a mixture of names and understandings have created names of spices that refer to their flavour and not plant genus types

Mexican Oregano is actually Lippia graveolens, a flowering plant similar to oregano, tomato tomarto, what is a name with food, when it smells and tastes sweet citrus herby flavour then to us its Mexican Oregano

Mexican Oregano is a wonderful flavour infused with other cuisines but when married up with Mexican Chillies the flavours stand up to the wonderful strength of Ancho, Pasilla, Chipotle to name a few

Grown in Mexico