Kashmiri Mirch Chilli Powder - 100g

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Kashmiri is a wonderful region in Northern Asia producing some of the best food on the planet

Kashmiri chilli is a sweet fruity flavoured chilli, hardly any heat with bags of flavours, as with all plants being grown in certain climates produce the best examples, when they are grown in the wrong area the flavour and heat changes.  There are several growers of this wonderful chilli in the Punjabi Region of India producing a harsher flavour and hotter heat so be careful where you get your chilli from, we will only sell the genuine article and as much as its annoying when we take it off sale, if it isnt right it isnt sold

So our Kashmiri Mirch Chilli Powder is exactly what it should be, sweet fruity chilli from the North of India

Kashmiri can be used to add flavour to any dish, genuine Indian cuisine or just good old baked beans on toast or cheese on toast, infusion is awesome to do

Low Heat at 1500 SHU

Grown in India Ground in EU