Hot Oak Smoked Paprika - 100g

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Paprika is infamous for being the bench mark of sweet peppers

Paprika evolved in Hungary producing consistent sweet pods to the point it is one of the main characters of their national dish

When smoking food, the type of wood used will leave its own unique flavour of smoke behind

This is oak smoked paprika providing a deep and very much oak aroma and flavour to the wonderful paprika

However, if like us you like a little more heat in your paprika, this is ideal, the sweetness, the oak smoked and cayenne heat at a rating of 20k SHU helps provide the heat at the back of your tongue allowing great flavours of your meal to come through first

Can be sprinkled in with Mayo and added to sandwiches, or used a main ingredient in Paprika Chicken, or any which way you like the flavour is superb!

The only difference between whole and powder is ease of use and texture within your dish, for quick use I use powder, for weekend cooking sessions its whole pods, always ensure to get your chilli powder from reputable sources

Grown and Smoked in Spain