Garlic Salt - 100g

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 Garlic Salt - Garlic Granules with added Salt

Now for us we like to have garlic flavour with added flavour enhancer, not flavour enhancer with a little garlic flavour

Salt is not a flavour!

Most recipes call for a ratio of 3 parts Salt to 1 Part Garlic - that is way too much salt for so little proper flavour!

Our recipe is 70% Garlic and 30% Salt - much more like it! A little sprinkle on your cheese on toast will make a lovely backdrop of garlic salted flavour, try getting garlic flavour when your garlic salt is mostly salt

Dried garlic requires skill in both growing and processing, if the garlic is immature it will not dry correctly, if the drying process climate is not correct it will not produce the aroma and flavour

The garlic granules used are great for adding texture while blending with the other ingredients to produce a seamless textured flavour


Ingredients : Dried Garlic Granules 70% Table Salt 30% (Salt, Anti-Caking Agent (Sodium Hexacyanoferrate II)

Grown in China, Produced in the UK