Fajita Seasoning - 100g

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Fajita, what a wonderful name for such wonderful flavour

This mix is light in its tones and will compliment the full flavour of your main ingredient whether it be meat or salad

As with all our seasonings we do not add salt, this is left for you to add how much you like, there is too much salt in most food these days!

Add teaspoon approx. 10g of seasoning per large chicken breast / meal and marinate for at least 2 hours, 24 hours better in fresh lemon juice and cook accordingly

Try Fajita Soup – use the seasoning as a flavour base and add water as you desire, add onions, peppers and chicken - cook thoroughly



Ingredients: Paprika Onion Granules Turkish Oregano Ground Black Pepper Cayenne powder Nutmeg Ground Garlic Granules Yellow MUSTARD Powder Cinnamon Ground