Epazote (Mexican) - 20g

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Epazote has been around for centuries but like most Mexican, Tex Mex and Latin American cuisine it has taken time to travel the seas to our plates, thankfully this is a great regular introduction to our markets

Epazote is a thick stemmed grass like plant from Mexico

It is extremely fibrous making the drying and grinding process very difficult to do while maintaining the flavour and aroma

Epazote has amazing flavour and aroma that makes the slightly awkward use worthwhile

Use with a spice cloth as you would use with bay leaves or cardamom pods, we grind the herb down as much as we can so most of the epazote can be used directly but will contain some chunky pieces, nature being nature

Primarily found in mexican dishes especially bean dishes but as with all herbs it is simply great infused in all meat and veg cuisines

Grown in Mexico