Cinnamon Ground (Cassia) - 100g

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Cinnamon Cassia Quills are imported from Indonesia and ground in the UK

Cinnamon comes in two forms Cassia and Ceylon - Cassia is from Indonesia and is ideal in cooking, sauces etc with ceylon is sweeter but delicate flavour ideal in sweets and deserts

For many cuisines cinnamon has been used to naturally provide a sweeter flavour from Indian Curries to Chinese Stir Frys and everything in between

Cinnamon is a wonderful natural spice used by some for health benefits and others for cinnamon flavour - whatever the reason Cinnamon is a wonderful spice to use in your food

Cinnamon Cassia usage - 1 Tsp is approx 1.5 Quills

We blend 5% Ceylon powder into this Cassia Cinnamon powder, this helps with the blending process when using in recipes but does not alter the flavour of the cassia

Grown in Indonessia Ground in UK