Chipotle Chilli Powder - 50g

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Chipotle Chilli Powder is just awesome!

Low heat at 5000SHU chipotle will add instance smoky flavour to any dish, sauce, seasonings, marinade you wish to create

Chipotle is made from smoking red jalapenos over pecan shells to create a sweet nutty flavour

A typical chipotle pod weighs 8g, in recipes where they state 1 or 2 pods etc use 1 flat teaspoon of chipotle chilli powder to 1 pod ratio

Chipotle means smoked pepper from the Aztecs making this drying process one of the oldest still in use today

Chipotle adds deep sweet smoky flavour to any food likes it just been cooked over an open flame, add to any dish from baked beans to lasagne let alone a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine