About our Hot Sauce Making Kits


From the creators of the award winning chilli production company 'Spice of Fife' comes an innovative range of Chilli Hot Sauce Making Kits that are prepared using the same recipes and contain all the ingredients (*) required to make 3 bottles of extremely flavoursome chilli hot sauce and ready in as little as an hour!

Our range of Chilli Hot Sauce Making Kits are available in 4 different heat levels - Scotch Bonnet (3/6), Naga Bhut Jolokia (4/6), Moruga Scorpion (5/6) and our newest addition using the hottest chilli pepper in the world the Carolina Reaper (6/6)

Each of our Chilli Hot Sauce Making Kits include the following:

3 x Bottles
3 x Bottle Lids
3 x Shrink Caps
3 x Bottle Labels
1 x Bag of Dried Chillies
1 x Spice Mix (contains MUSTARD powder) * Allergy Advice
1 x Bottle of Cider Vinegar (contains SULPHITES) * Allergy Advice
1 x Jar of Honey
1 x Plastic Funnel
1 x Step by Step Instructions

The Chilli Experience Chilli Hot Sauce Making Kits make the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or Valentines Day!

These kits will make the perfect Birthday gift, Valentines Day, Wedding Anniversary or Christmas present for that special person who likes it hot!!