Banana Pepper (Hungarian Sweet Wax) Chilli Seeds x 10

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'Hungarian Sweet', also known as 'Sweet Banana', 'Yellow Wax' or 'Banana Pepper', have tapering, six inch by 1½ inch long fruit that start out green, ripen to a light-yellow color at the harvest stage, finally maturing from golden to orange to red.

Their flavour is mild (typically 0 but can reach up to 500 Scovilles) and as with most peppers, its "heat" depends on the growing conditions and the stage of maturity at harvest. That is, the riper they are, the sweeter they are and also the hotter they become.

Although primarily used as a pickling pepper, they are also excellent stuffed with your favourite sausage or cheeses, or are used as a raw ingredient in various dishes. Diced into small chunks, they are added to relish or salsa recipes to add sweetness and to temper the heat of other peppers in the mix.