Aleppo Chilli Flakes - 50g

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Aleppo pepper is originally from Syria and named after the Aleppo town, now grown in Turkey

Aleppo is only available in flake form, the drying process creates a wonderful flake that whole Aleppo pod cannot match

A sweet chilli by nature, aleppo chilli has no heat at all

Mix the aleppo flakes with cheese - nacho, cheese on toast, pizza or lasagne this wonderful pepper goes into so many dishes, sauces and seasonings, aleppo will raise the flavour

Chicken in any disguise, mayo dips and robust salads, aleppo has been a hidden gem for generations

Aleppo is classed as a chilli but is more sweet pepper with hardly any heat

Can used to create a marinade or straight into a sauce with the hydration but still providing texture

The aleppo flakes will break down in any cooking to create a blended texture

Aleppo flakes are 99% chilli, very few seeds in the mix

Enjoy the delights of middle eastern flavours with aleppo chilli flakes