Aji Amarillo Chilli Powder - 50g

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Aji Amarillo is from Peru, translated it means Yellow Chilli

Aji is pronounced aH-Hee, Amarillo chilli is a wonderful fruit hot chilli

Used to make authentic sauces in Peruvian Cuisine for instant Amarillo flavour and heat

Typically 1 flat teaspoon of powder is 1 whole Amarillo pod

Peru do not use a lot of pesticide as a rule, this is wonderful but makes whole pods difficult to get, the drying process in the climate of Peru makes it available in powder form as a rule

To make an Amarillo paste simply add warm water, stir - add a little water at a time to the Amarillo powder to make the right texture

Making a paste and then making the sauce as per the recipe will give you the yellow chilli flavours